Amputee Margarita: Hot River! Video


26 minutes! NEW CAMERA! High quality! Original Sound!

Margarita at the river! the water is normal but she is so hot! 

In this movie, the Margarita will take you to the river! You will swim together and sunbathe! Margarita walks using one wooden crutch. Help her go down the steep slope! Walking in the water and by the shore is very difficult for her, watch it! Margarita dipped her crutch in the water and it almost floated away! Water is not the best for wood, but this time she managed to safely get back to the shore! The stump of this beautiful girl is visible all the time because the Margarita is wearing only a swimsuit and one crutch by her side! She try to jump too! In the video you will see how a Margarita touches her stump and foot! The best video! So sexy!

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